Fully Managed Colocation Hosting – A High-Level Solution For Large Enterprise

Today, corporate enterprise has a number of options available to them when choosing a web host provider. When searching for a quality web host, it is important to research hosting plans, compare services, and determine your particular web hosting needs before you buy the hosting package. When a business owns a server, one hosting solution that is often chosen is Fully Managed Colocation Hosting.

About Fully Managed Colocation Hosting

This hosting involves renting or leasing space in a data center from a colocation host provider. These data centers are very high-tech with amazing back-up facilities that are far greater than anything any office would have. If you choose colocation hosting, you send your server to the facility. The data center team will put it in a rack or cabinet and fully manage internet connectivity to ensure maximum availability of the server and they will manage all technical aspects of the server such as making sure the latest programs and applications are installed, technical and security monitoring the server 24/7/365, troubleshooting the server, and making sure the latest most effective security technologies are in place.

Fully Managed Colocation Hosting Benefits

This type of hosting is a safe and secure way to house and manage a server. This method that is most often chosen by companies that own their own server makes for a profitable business investment as the host provider fully manages the server. As well, the data center is high tech and comes with excellent protection measures such as fire suppression controls, physical security staff, video surveillance, humidity and temperature controls, back up technology, and disaster recovery technology. The server will remain safe, secure, and undamaged. In addition, you will have access to your server 24/7 and customer support is available 24/7.

With fully managed colocation hosting, you will not have to perform time consuming server management and administration tasks because the colocation provider takes care of all of the management and administration tasks. They will ensure your server remains up and running continuously so customers will always have access to your websites. You will save a lot of money on overhead costs as you will not have to supply the infrastructure and equipment, and personnel to fully manage the server. As well, the security is much more effective than if you housed your server at your own location.

High-Level Solution for Large Enterprise

Fully managed colocation hosting is a definite high level solution for large enterprise. It is an economical solution that gives large enterprise the flexibility, scalability, and control they need to run a successful and profitable website. There are reputable and professional colocation hosting providers offering hosting solutions. When research hosting plans, it important to make sure you understand all of the services that come with each colocation plan so that you get a plan that meet your current and future enterprise needs. If your enterprise owns the server, fully managed colocation hosting is a web hosting solution that is well worth exploring.


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